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I took this project on board in 2012 because it meant a lot to me, personally. I managed to assemble the kind-hearted team aforementioned – some of the best creative professionals in this country. That was a huge buzz, both in terms of the quality of output and as a complete geek, for me to be able to work with these guys. The team has made the significant progress to this point, January 2013, possible. We’ve done this with zero budget and there is only so far you can go without a penny. We have spent over £1.5k of our own money to travel, buy equipment and build the website and we’re all pretty skint, like most people.

Thankfully, that’s where Indiegogo comes in. Indiegogo is a crowd-funding platform, where you can call out to people and ask them to support creative projects. What makes crowd-funding unique is the perks you receive in return. So here is how you can help us see Xpress through to the conclusion we feel it deserves.

By helping us out with as much or as little as you can afford, you will ensure we are able to have physical copies of the exclusive album happen. This album will be a showcase of the best new musical talent and a sprinkling of established artists, from which 100% of proceeds will go to CALM. Without your help, the album will not see light of day. The perks you receive for each donation package available will be clearly laid out at http://indiegogo.com/xpress

If you cannot afford to help us at all, please pass on word of our project to as many people as you can, in person or on the social networking sites. Every bit of help we get will help push us over the line!

If crowd-funding is not your thing, we are also looking for sponsorship for the project from the right businesses so get in touch with us through the contact section of the site, here.


Written by: Ben Tallon

Xpress awareness campaign on behalf of CALM charity.
Registered Charity Number 1110621