The Campaign So Far


Wow. Four months into Xpress campaign and I’m all burned out. I received an email this afternoon informing me of a one week ban from my Tuesday night five-a-side football league. This gets filed away in my ‘things not to repeat’ folder with the recent expulsion from our Monday league thanks to an on-pitch fight between a team-mate and an opposition player, triggered by a rash tackle. Today’s ban is a memory-lapse brought on by my brain’s hard drive filling to capacity thanks to balancing a full time-illustration career and directing this campaign.

My diary is more full than I ever bargained for and since my earlier rant about walls of agents and management, it’s pages now contain names of the likes of Stephen Merchant and Danny Dyer.


Persistence born of an obsessive desire to succeed in our goals in this campaign have found cracks in the fences that we have managed to squeeze through to reach the right people. Thanks to the brilliant work of our art-director Sam Price and Ryan Addams, we now have a belting website to send out with the press release. Our unrivaled track listing on the album, with the cherries about to be announced imminently are thanks to the Xpress album curator Danni Skerritt. Crisp and original photography has come courtesy of the eyes and hands of Danny Allison and only these towers of men have saved me from some kind of mental breakdown. We’ve also been overwhelmed by the voluntary help of people who have simply connected with what we’re doing. You’re all real life heroes.

To direct something of this scale, with no money at all has been the biggest challenge in my personal and professional life and it’s keeping me awake at night because I lack the ability to coast and achieve minimum results in anything I do. That’s not ego, it’s genetics. I can’t tell you why I’m like this but it means I have a world championship wrestling replica belt by my bed and an uncontrollable ambition that at times, is stressful beyond belief.

The football is an outlet that goes too far at times, as is the art and everyone we have had the pleasure to talk to has echoed that in their own personal manor. Context, belonging, empowerment and activating people are just a few of the words applied to this campaign. We’re not even half way to seeing this through, but so far, so good.

If we kick on from here and we can all deal with the pressure of juggling two jobs, then we are on course to make over £10,ooo for The Campaign Against Living Miserably with the help of everyone out there.

Our album comes out on May 3rd 2013 and it’s a banger.

Thank you so much if you have already supported us, if not, there is plenty time left to do so at

Ben x

Written by: Ben Tallon

Xpress awareness campaign on behalf of CALM charity.
Registered Charity Number 1110621