#whyIgetoutofbed: Matt Hickman, Brown Bear and The Bandits


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Matt and I front the band Brown Bear & the Bandits a 3 piece indie/folk/rock band from Ayrshire, Scotland.

How are you?

Very Well thanks, yourself?

Tell us about your work

The band is my living. Love all parts of it, gigging, writing, recording and even the more tedious business parts. Since a young age I have wanted to be a musician.

Do you express yourself through creativity?

Definitely, there is nothing better than getting what you’re feeling out of your system by writing a song that really means something to you or playing a gig where you put everything into it and get a great response.


What was the last thing you created?

Funnily enough it wasn’t even a song. We just finished mapping out the ideas for our next few music videos as a band.

What has inspired you of late?

I think the response we have had as a band so far this year with the release of our first video and being included in some of the ‘Top Tipped’ lists. When other people really believe in what you’re doing, it gives you a real confidence to keep going and aspire to get better.

What Are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

I am currently listening to Django Unchained soundtrack, just saw the film and loved every bit of it. The soundtrack is so well suited with some amazing songs. Also just got Netflix so currently working my way through Sons of Anarchy.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

For music. Just about every day bring something new. I love it; I love all the opportunities it brings like meeting new people, particularly those who share a similar passion for music. Also enjoy taking on the challenges that come with it. More than anything I love performing songs to an audience and knowing that they were able to connect with them.

Listen to Brown Bear and The Bandits at: soundcloud.com/brownbearandthebandits

Written by: Ben Tallon

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