#WhyIgetoutofbed: Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills. I live in North London and edit Shindig! magazine (www.shindig-magazine.com).

How are you?

Very good thank you. Not even the weather can get you down in grey March when immersed in such great music, film, and culture.

Tell us about your work

Shindig! magazine is sold throughout the world and available in WH Smiths, all good newsagents and record shops in the UK. We offer an alternative to MOJO et al by focusing on the “underground and different” rather than the more familiar names and famous new acts. We pride ourselves in offering in depth coverage of things a little off the beaten path: the best in ’60s psych, ’70s folk-rock and much more with diversions into cool new artists like Temples, features on film and interesting insights into artists that may seem familiar.

We have a small tight knit team all passionate about what we term the Shindigverse! Uncannily, we never knew  how many people out there are obsessed by the same things as we are. Putting a magazine together for like-minded souls is just about the most perfect job one could have.

Do you express yourself through creativity?

Absolutely.  Everything we do is centred around the team’s creativity, from the writing through to the design.




What was the last thing you created?

I create from the moment I wake until I sleep.  I’m always thinking up great new ideas for the magazine, whether it be a new feature idea or the best way forward with social media. Writing is something I adore.

What has inspired you as of late?

Apple and the technology (MacBook, iPad and iPhone) that allows me to work anywhere. The thought of being chained to an office desk is most unappealing. More inspiring than anything though is being a parent. Kids are the future…. and I am so pleased to see they have a good handle on things. The future is bright!

What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

The hundreds of CDs and records I receive from both reissue and new labels and the multitude of vinyl records I buy (currents faves: Hudson-Ford’s 1973 album Nickelodeon, Formerly Fat Harry’s sole 1971 album, Pink Floyd’s More, the back catalogue of Broadcast, the Flying Dutchman reissues on BGP and new music from Jacco Gardner and Ian Skelly. Wes Anderson’s last movie Moonrise Kingdom was very inspiring and beautifully shot, acted and realised, the Japanese animation of Studio Ghibli, which my family and I love,  ’90s US TV show Northern Exposure (I just adore the characters and the show’s slightly surreal premise) and last but not least The Simpsons – who offer daily lessons in life for us all.

Of course, my family (my partner and nine-year-old daughter) mean more to me and inspire me more than art, but on the plus they love all of the above too.

Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

To move to the front room and get cracking on the magazine… it’s far more than work for me.



Written by: Ben Tallon

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