WhyIgetoutofbed: Andy Lewis/Newspaper Joe UK


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Andy Lewis. My ‘real’ job is as a post production runner for Dock 10. We basically make telly!

How are you?

I am great, thanks. Despite the weather..

Tell us about your work

I work in an environment full of creative, technical people. It is an interesting place. It is a constantly changing industry, so you have no choice but to keep learning. Creativity is encouraged and embraced!

Away from work, I write a lot of music. I have played in several bands over the years, and still play on my own under the guise Newspaper Joe. When I am writing, I am happy. Regardless of the subject matter or vibe.


What has inspired you as of late?

I find other writers as inspiring as anything. Listening to other people do their thing helps me do mine.

What have you been reading/writing/listening to recently?

I have been listening to I Am Kloot’s album constantly recently. One of those that just clicks. I can relate to every word.

Why do you get out of bed?

I get out of bed in a morning because I love my life. I live in a great city and I am surrounded by wonderful people. My friends mean everything to me.

Written by: Ben Tallon

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