Xpress the album, Introducing Tuka

Tuka, Feedback Loop

The thing about running a company like Quenched is that you often fall in love with bands and musicians. It means you get to help them and see them grow. Many quit in what is a tough business in a tough time. Back in 2010 whilst I travelled New Zealand and Australia, working from Sydney for a short time.  One night, I was disappointed with Japanese hip-hop legend DJ Krush. That particular gig brought none of the enchantment that embodies his recorded material. Supporting on the night was a guy who appeared about my age and his rapping had such an energy that he impressed far more than the headliner.

As he left, backpack straight on his back and headed for the exit, I tapped him on the shoulder and asked his name. “Tuka, as in food,” was the answer he gave me.

Looking into it further, it turns out he was due to release his first solo album after releasing a recent debut album, Sleeping On Your Style with his hip-hop outfit, Thundamentals. Both have been a permanent fixture on my I-Pod since. I tracked Tuka down on Facebook and messaged him about #Express. To my delight, his manager came back and was enthused about the project, the track already attached to the email from his forthcoming album, Feedback Loop. It’s brilliant and is the latest artist we’re revealing from the forthcoming Xpress album.

Check out Tuka, Thundamentals and more Aussie hip-hop at Big Village Records,


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