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We’re delighted to offer our readers the chance to win two sought after tickets to see Baillie Walsh’s new movie, ‘Springsteen and I’. The movie is released on Monday 22nd July and we’ve managed to get our hands on a pair of tickets to the 7pm screening at Manchester’s Odeon Cinema.

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Springsteen and I, Interview with director Baillie Walsh:

2007 saw the release of the rockumentary, ‘Lord Don’t Slow Me Down’, which followed Oasis on their ‘Don’t Believe The Truth’ tour from May 2005 to March 2006. Oasis fans are renowned for their passionate support of the band that defined Britpop. Director Baillie Walsh returns to the big screen this summer with the impending release of ‘Springsteen and I’, a feature film that tells the story of the unique relationship between rock legend Bruce Springsteen and his loyal army of fans. Baillie kindly took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Quenched Music ahead of the film’s July 22nd release.

Are you a Bruce Springsteen fan?

“I didn’t come into the project as a Springsteen fan, more an admirer. I think this helped me as a director. It allowed me to remain objective throughout. I didn’t come into this project with a playlist already in my head… We learned a lot about Springsteen as we went along. We learned a lot from the fans. There was always an element of surprise for me as we moved along which really made a difference”.

What can audiences expect from the film?

“The feeling of the film is about how music effects our lives. It’s about how important music is – that’s the overall feeling you get from the film as a whole. I think Springsteen is the best artist this particular film could be based on because of the pure devotion of his fans and the same devotion he has to his fans. People really seem to trust Bruce as a man. I think that’s a rare thing in the world today. It’s a very heartfelt, emotional film and I think even if you’re not particularly a fan of the music, you’ll really enjoy the people in the film. I think whoever you’re favourite artist is, whatever your choice of music, you listen to what they’re saying and relate to that in your own way”.

In your experience as a director, what sets Bruce Springsteen’s fans apart?

“The thing with Bruce is, he’s a really great storyteller. I think that trait inspires storytelling in his fans. This is a great bonus because in this film, they are the ones telling the story. The reason I admire Bruce is the sheer amount of mutual trust between artist and fan. There’s a real decency about him. It’s more about Bruce Springsteen the man and who he is, rather than Bruce the musician.”

Do you think that music fans come together through love of an artist and use that bond to empower themselves in other areas of their lives?

“Totally and utterly. I think that empowerment is a message within the film. Not that there was ever meant to be a conscious message within this movie. There’s a letter in the film that a person had tried to send through a fan site, but there wasn’t one. She took the opportunity to share it through the film and it said “music really helps you through the dark times and when it’s not going to get better, the music sees you through”. I think it’s true, you know? Music changes your mood. It takes you to another place. It really does change lives”.

You have an extensive background of working with musicians, from INXS to Massive Attack and many more. Is music something that inspires a wider creativity?

“Absolutely. I loved making music videos back in the day and I’d love to do more. It’s just that now, there is not as much creative freedom. I’d be given a piece of music and it would be a case of close your eyes and imagine! What do you want to do to it? You know? That’s a fantastic thing to do. In really inspires the imagination. Music is a really important part of my life. It has fuelled my creativity. Even in films like ‘Flashbacks Of A Fool’, the essence of that is apparent. ‘If There Is Something’ by Roxy Music was one of my favourite songs as a kid and it became a key part of that film. Music is key in all work I do. Even in making commercials, the key part of that is trying to find the music for it!”

Springsteen and I is released in cinemas July 22nd.


Written by: Ben Tallon

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