Springsteen & I: Ticket giveaway

Win two tickets to the opening night screening of Baillie Walsh’s movie, ‘Springsteen and I’.


Xpress: The Album/launch night video package

Meat Cassette team up with Xpress to bring us a video package on the album and Xpress launch night at Factory 251


Opinions and Actions

Graphic Activism


Rare Xpress T-Shirt ON SALE SATURDAY

We excitedly introduce Peter O’Toole’s extremely limited Xpress T-Shirt design


Project Update

BBC Newsnight: Why are more middle-aged men turning to suicide?


A huge thank you

Come check out three of the UK’s hottest new bands down at FAC 251 and support Xpress


The Campaign So Far

Where we’re at and where we are going with CALM, Xpress campaign…

New CALM Site

New Official CALM Site

CALM launch a superb new website design designed by Andy Wilkinson at Error Creative Studio. Sit down and check out the results here…

Xpress Indiegogo

We Need Your Support

We need your support! Introducing our Indiegogo crowd funding campaign and how you can help Xpress.

Official Quenched logo

Why We’re Doing This

Why we’re giving up our time and money to take on the Xpress campaign for The Campaign Against Living Miserably.

Xpress awareness campaign on behalf of CALM charity.
Registered Charity Number 1110621