Emmanuel Jal, a Sudanese musician and former SPLA child soldier.

Amnesty International: The Power Of Our voices

Amnesty International’s new protest song pack is now available.


Springsteen & I: Ticket giveaway

Win two tickets to the opening night screening of Baillie Walsh’s movie, ‘Springsteen and I’.


Xpress: The Album/launch night video package

Meat Cassette team up with Xpress to bring us a video package on the album and Xpress launch night at Factory 251


Dirty Freud: Agendas EP, Exclusive Interview

Dirty Freud takes us on the turbulent journey through time and space that led to his debut, ‘Agendas.’


The Cold One Hundred: Exclusive Xpress Interview

We meet The Cold One Hundred ahead of their headline slot at the Xpress Factory 251 gig


Rare Xpress T-Shirt ON SALE SATURDAY

We excitedly introduce Peter O’Toole’s extremely limited Xpress T-Shirt design


#whyIgetoutofbed: Caitlin Rose

Caitlin Rose sits down with Xpress for our #whyigetoutofbed series


A huge thank you

Come check out three of the UK’s hottest new bands down at FAC 251 and support Xpress


WhyIgetoutofbed: Andy Lewis/Newspaper Joe UK

#whyigetoutofbed with Andy Lewis talking music, writing and inspirations


Last But Not Least… The Strokes

The Strokes complete the Xpress album lineup.


Xpress The Album: Unveiling The Libertines

Xpress welcomes on board The Libertines for our exclusive charity album.


#WhyIgetoutofbed: Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills

‘Shindig’ Magazine editor, Jon ‘Mojo’ Mills joins our #whyigetoutofbed series


#whyIgetoutofbed: Matt Hickman, Brown Bear and The Bandits

#WhyIgetoutofbed: Matt from Brown Bear and The Bandits

Get Cape

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. Xpress The Album.

We are delighted to welcome on board Sam Duckworth, better known as his stage name, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. for Xpress, The Album.

Kid British

Kid British

Tuka press shot

Aussie Hip-Hop star Tuka talks to Xpress

Aussie hip-hop star Tuka checks in from a sunny Sydney summer to talk to Xpress about his place on the album.

Photography by Danny Allison

Interview with John Robb

We join musician, writer and journalist John Robb for a cup of tea and a chat about music, punk and individuality for Xpress and CALM.


Who Is Mark Mace Smith?

Xpress talks to multi-time slam poetry champion and artist Mark Mace Smith.

Reverend And The Makers

Jon McClure, Reverend And The Makers

Reverend and The Makers front man Jon McClure talks to us exclusively for Xpress during the Makers’ UK tour on music, expression and CALM’s work.


Making This Possible

The toils of directing a charity campaign with zero budget and a lot of kindness…

Wolverhampton based four piece, The Rimes

Xpress the album, Introducing The Rimes

Quenched Music welcome on board Wolverhampton based indie-rockers The Rimes for the Xpress album.

Tuka, Feedback Loop

Xpress the album, Introducing Tuka

Tuka is a Sydney based rapper and a part of Aussie Hip-Hop outfit, Thundamentals. We are delighted to announce Tuka for the Xpress album.

Photo by Danny Allison

Ben Tallon, Xpress Director Interview

Ben Tallon is an award winning illustrator, with such clients as WWE, Channel 4 and The Guardian. He is directing the Xpress campaign on behalf of CALM and talks to Xpress album curator, Danni Skerritt.

Xpress awareness campaign on behalf of CALM charity.
Registered Charity Number 1110621