#whyIgetoutofbed: Dave Kirkwood


Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Dave Kirkwood. I’m a designer and now I draw stories.

How are you?

I’m OK.


Tell us about your work

My background is design and marketing. I have a graphic design practice but because of my experience I also teach, mentor and speak about graphic design – particularly branding. I’m trying to move away from commercial design in to drawing stories for a living.

Do you express yourself through creativity?

I’m learning how to express myself, it’s hard to think about myself after spending a lifetime working for other people.




What was the last thing you created?

The last drawing I made was for an eco-housing project. It’s a story on one side of an A4 sheet about a house that eats people. Probably the only real way to sort the environment! :-0




What has inspired you of late?

I keep going back to Frank Quitely. There’s something about his attitude to work and his drawings are sublime.




What are you reading/watching/listening to at the moment?

I read graphic novels all the time. I started getting through Ulysses with The Bloomsday Book then I started 3hundredand65 so it all became too much and I turned to Gormenghast again.

I can’t answer who I listen too because I have too many friends in the music business and I’m bound to forget somebody. I read Alice Oswald and Ted Hughes and listen to Caught by the River podcasts. Their site is cool too.

What gets you out of the bed in the morning?

To walk the dogs. Seriously: I’ve been down, right down. I’ve been through the mill for seven years with one thing and another and things came to a head. When you get so low nothing matters you can either go under or you can say to yourself ‘nothing matters so anything is possible – be bold’. Every morning I say just that. Honestly, I do.

Bold is modest. You need to head over to http://www.3hundredand65.co.uk and see Dave’s gargantuan project for Teenage Cancer Trust. His 365 stunning drawings accompany 365 installments in a year long story, via Twitter. 3hundredand65 is now supported by Tim Burgess, Lauren Laverne, Stephen Fry and many more.


Written by: Ben Tallon

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