Dirty Freud: Agendas EP, Exclusive Interview


Dirty Freud cuts a shifty figure when we meet him on the leather sofas in the back corner of Gullivers on Oldham Street, Manchester. Sporting a dusty military knee length coat and a backpack, he nods to acknowledge our arrival at the bar whilst seeming slightly on edge, looking around the room like something might be about to go off. We know him as Danni Skerritt, a North London born writer, poet and co-founder of Quenched Music, the company through which he is curating the Xpress charity album on behalf of CALM. Recently, he has been making music under the guise of Dirty Freud. He calls his style ‘electro-dub’ – a genre he tells us should ‘never have come to pass in this age’. His first release is out now, a three-track free download entitled ‘Agendas’ led by the trippy upbeat ‘Whizzing Through Time and Space.’ You can grab your copy here. He talks more of molecular chaos and dark energy than the debut release itself and we’re not too sure what to make of it. In short, there’s a distinct divide between Danni Skerritt and Dirty Freud that is growing at an alarming rate. Whether you buy his colossal fables as fact, or indulge in this as an artistic concept is down to individual choice.

Agendas is released today and it’s free to all. Freud says,

“It’s free because this is a debut showcase. I haven’t been working in this century for long so you have to lay your cards on the table and encourage people to come and dip their toe in the water. The lead track, ‘Whizzing Through Time and Space’ has been a journey in itself. I’ve been wandering between this dimension and the next and that’s a story I had to tell in my music. The astral plane is a place that has always intrigued me. Through Danni Skerritt I had a friendly face in the right places and an open mind. I needed to take human form for this to work, something people were ready to see.”


It’s hard to know how to respond when someone claims to have visited places that we can only speculate about but Freud’s face remains stony.  He says,

“I’ve been gifted a true understanding of the quantum nature of this universe. Music is my only way of translating that knowledge for these times. I had to find a tangible medium that people could begin to work with and start to grasp for themselves. By giving people something for free, you eliminate the fear of listening to something a bit more dangerous. A lot of artists are doing it now. Jamie Cullum recently dropped a banging track with Roots Manuva as a free introduction to his forthcoming album with Island Records. There’s so much good work out there, but it’s about making people pick up your material over the rest of the competition.”

‘Agendas’ as a title provokes curiosity – what’s the story here?

I’ve been thinking about the manner of this release for a while,” he says. “I sat down with Ben Tallon, the creative director on agendas and we agreed that we needed to treat this release as more than just music. It goes back to the amount of noise out there now – to get your work heard, there needs to be something unique, something you can’t ignore. We needed the artwork and the theme to work in sync with the beats. Everything had to tell the same story, whatever the platform. Media is one of the most powerful tools you people have in the twenty-first century so I had to maximize that. Agendas is a taste. Later this year I’ll be releasing a full EP, ‘Boxing With God.’ The debut album is being recorded as we speak, that’ll be called “How To Breach Number Ten.” It’s a record about everything that’s coming to light in an age where we can find things out for ourselves. Sadly people today are learning that when you scratch away at the surface, everything is not as it seems, there’s a lot of deceit out there, mainly perpetrated by people who were once entrusted with power and responsibility. Look at the Watergate scandal. The way politicians are making a mockery of us all right now. We the people pick up the pieces and it’s all becoming very turbulent. None of this is new. The corruption has been going on as far back as pre-Egyptian times. I’ve seen it happen a thousand times through the ages, it’s just about cutting another head off a different serpent. That’s why I’m here – to challenge the current snakes. In the past, I’ve jumped in without thought and it hasn’t worked.  I’ve had to realise that one man cannot challenge all this alone, even if he is timeless. I’m trying to save people through my music.”


What is electro-dub? We hadn’t heard of the genre until we came across Agendas. Freud says,

“The human race wasn’t supposed to discover electro-dub for at least another hundred years. I had to make a decision to accelerate that process because there’s a lot of unrest in society. There’s a lot of musical dross out there and it’s being fed to the public at the expense of challenging and fresh music. I had to gamble and believe that people would be ready. I feel it’s my civil duty to make sure it works. Electro-dub is a combination of electronically synced music and a heavier dub tone. With a sprinkling of ghost-drone, anything is possible.”

Once again, dead air fills the room as we try to process this. Ghost Drone?

“Ghost Drone is the hollow howlings of past voices. All these voices represent echoes of future civilizations. It’s quite prominent in my work without unsettling the spiritual hierarchy.”


With Agendas already upon us and the EP/Album in production, Dirty Freud’s structured schedule seems to lend credibility to his outlandish claims. His recent tour with DJ Yoda was successful and his forthcoming date at Brixton Jam, supporting DJ Format belies his relative inexperience. He says,

“I’ve had a long time to think about this. It may seem new, but I’ve been preparing for centuries. It’s only now that I’ve been in a position to put it all together in the medium of music. I’ve veered through different time continuums and this just seemed right. In those places, it’s all colours and shapes and even from a distance, you can see the fractious energy that threatens to undo the human race. But you have to go inside and that’s where it gets tricky. It’s all begun. I’ve had a positive response so far. The tour with DJ Yoda was brilliant. Everyone was very welcoming. I’ve seen people’s reactions to electro-dub in both the past and the future. Thankfully today, it’s a lot safer. I’ve witnessed people burned at the stake like they did with the witches for trying to do what I’m doing now. Nobody needs that shit.”

What can we expect from ‘Boxing With God?’

“I’ll be transcribing more of my travels. It’s a continuation of Agendas. There’ll be collaborations with important musicians in today’s industry. I’ve kept many journals throughout the ages. Some of them are falling to pieces, but time always brings decay, so I had to record them somehow. We all try to leave a legacy on the earth plane.”

Agendas is out now at dirtyfreud.bandcamp.com/album/agendas

Written by: Ben Tallon

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