Andy Thomson, Sector-4 Illustration

Sector-4 Illustration

Andrew Thomson is a Freelance Illustrator & Artist based in Guildford. He studied illustration in Preston at The University Of Central Lancashire and graduated in 2010. He spends his time drawing, making music, cycling and sitting for hours on end, glass eyed, in front of Photoshop trying to find a way to get back to his sketchbook.
Andy’s work is a beautiful loose style that makes you want to get out the sketchbooks and take notes, draw, just attack the page. The above piece, Tribal Planet 1 & 2 is A promotional image and branding for a band. This was designed in two parts to become a double sided poster, echoing the choice the protagonist of one of the track’s lyrics has to make. ‘Part 2′ of this image set was featured in The Association of Illustrators Images 36 Annual.
Andy Thomson 2
Above are Leveson, commissioned by Index on Censorship - this piece on the Leveson enquiry focuses on the idea that the enquiry became more about tearing down Rupert Murdoch than working towards forming a free-er, fairer press and Fingers and Thumbs. This image was created for a collaborative zine on the theme of skulls.
Andy Thomson 3
Winter Training - This is an image commissioned by Canadian Cycling Magazine to accompany an article on winter training.
Blunt Force Trauma – Ink on paper.
Andy Thomson 4

Sketchbook spread.

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Written by: Ben Tallon

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