Welcome to Xpress, a transmedia awareness campaign, directed by Quenched Music, created by a team of the UK’s best creative talent, highlighting and showcasing the benefits of artistic expression…

Xpress will see the release of an exclusive compilation album featuring the best new music talent and established artists. All proceeds from the sale of the album will go direct to CALM. Alongside the album, a commemorative newspaper will be released, encapsulating the whole campaign, with exclusive interviews, photography and features on artistic expression.

Here, at the online home of the project, you can see the campaign unfold and check out many features, interviews and articles on everything expressive within the arts.

Who we are:


Ben Tallon:  Xpress Director / Freelance Illustrator

Danni Skerritt: Xpress Album curator / DJ Dirty Freud / Freelance Writer / Poet

Sam Price: Xpress Designer, Art Director / Freelance Designer / Art Director

Danny Allison: Xpress Photographer, Art Director / Freelance Illustrator

Ryan Addams: Xpress Web Designer

Quenched Music is a Manchester based company/collective supporting new music through a wide range of creative services from design and visual communication to DJ sets, gigs and reviews. Danni Skerritt (DJ Dirty Freud and writer) and Ben Tallon (Illustrator and Creative-Director) founded Quenched to use their skills to help musicians and creatives they believe in.
The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) was set up to prevent male suicide, currently the single biggest killer of young men in the UK.Each year, on average, men are three times more likely to take their lives than women.  But whilst smoking and knife crime make the headlines, suicide was responsible for the deaths of more young men in 2011 than murder, HIV/AIDs and road accidents combined.

About The Album

Quenched Music have been working with the best new and established musicians in the UK and beyond for four years. For the Xpress campaign, they will be releasing their first compilation album, featuring an exclusive selection of tracks that were written as a form of expression. All proceeds will be go directly to CALM’s charity work. The album will support not only CALM but new music and the arts too. Here you can see the track listing unfold and find out more about the artists kindly and voluntarily contributing a track for Xpress.

Support The Album

As the project is completely voluntary, we are currently working with Indiegogo to crowd fund Xpress in order to produce physical copies of the album. Click here to find out more and contribute to the project. Support Xpress here.

Xpress awareness campaign on behalf of CALM charity.
Registered Charity Number 1110621